The History of Ozzie Tabs

We had an idea several years ago to purchase a business that manufactures products made right here in Australia. We had so much trouble finding Australian made products in a wide range of areas, and we were just tired of inferior quality imported products being our only option. We came across a business that was making Tab Dividers in Melbourne Victoria in very small volumes. Here were an older couple that really did not promote their business enough to maximise its potential. They were looking to retire, so we offered to buy the business and the tab divider making equipment. We had no idea how to operate the equipment, so we were given a crash course from the previous owners and then they left us to it. 

We knew that we had to bring Ozzie Tabs and our product range into the online world. We also knew our potential customers were buying stationery tab dividers form Officeworks & Stationery suppliers. We checked out the quality of the tabs in the stores, & basically they were nasty. We knew we had to make our tab divider range better and as affordable as the imported products. We have succeeded!

Our range of True Blue Tab Dividers far exceed teh quality of the imported products, most of which come from China. One of our customers told us they wanted A4 A-Z Tab dividers & they were told by their supplier that they had no stock for severalk weeks. Numerial tab dividers and monthly tab dividers were also in short supply. We knew we had to ensure constant stock levels of our tab divider range of products.

We have acheived all our objectives. Better quality tab dividers, a wider range of products to suit the needs of Australin consumers, and constant supply without running out of stock. We could only do this by manufacturing ourt stationery tab dividers right here in Australia.

We are pleased to offer our range of stationery tab dividers for immediate fast delivery Australia wide. Check the out on our onlien store


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